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What is CAMWorks?

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CAMWorks is a CAM software solution developed by Geometric Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Dassault Systems. It is integrated seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS, a leading 3D CAD design software, which means that users can create toolpaths and generate G-code directly within their SOLIDWORKS environment. This integration streamlines the design-to-manufacturing process, ensuring consistency and reducing the potential for errors.

Key Features of CAMWorks

Feature-Based Machining

CAMWorks utilizes feature recognition technology to automatically identify and program machining operations based on the features of the part. This significantly reduces programming time and minimizes the risk of errors.

Tolerance-Based Machining

CAMWorks is equipped with tolerance-based machining capabilities, allowing the software to adjust toolpaths based on the tolerance specified, ensuring parts meet design specifications.

3D Toolpath Simulation

CAMWorks provides a realistic 3D simulation of the machining process, allowing users to visualize and verify their toolpaths to detect and correct any issues before sending the program to the CNC machine.

High-Speed Machining (HSM)

This feature optimizes toolpaths for faster cutting speeds and extends tool life, reducing production costs and improving efficiency.

Knowledge-Based Machining

CAMWorks comes with a knowledge base that stores machining strategies and best practices, ensuring consistency and efficiency across different projects.

Multi-Axis Machining

CAMWorks comes with a knowledge base that stores machining strategies and best practices, ensuring consistency and efficiency across different projects.

Benefits of Using CAMWorks


CAMWorks significantly reduces programming time, thanks to its feature-based and tolerance-based machining capabilities. This leads to faster time-to-market and lower production costs.

Error Reduction

The software's automation and simulation features help eliminate errors in machining programs, reducing scrap and rework.


Seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS means a smooth transition from design to manufacturing without the need to export and import data between different software.

Cost Savings

CAMWorks' high-speed machining capabilities optimize toolpaths, resulting in reduced tool wear and longer tool life, ultimately saving on tooling costs.


CAMWorks is suitable for a wide range of industries, making it a versatile solution for manufacturers of all kinds.

Impact on CNC Machining

CAMWorks has revolutionized CNC machining by automating and simplifying the programming process. It has led to increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved product quality in the manufacturing industry. The integration with SOLIDWORKS and its advanced features have made CAMWorks a go-to solution for many CNC machine shops, enabling them to stay competitive and agile in a rapidly changing market.

 CAMWorks is a powerful CAM software that has transformed CNC programming and manufacturing. Its integration, automation, and simulation features have made it an essential tool for manufacturers looking to enhance their productivity and reduce costs.

Industry Applications: Aerospace, Automotive, or any other manufacturing industry, CAMWorks can help you take your CNC machining to the next level.

Impact on CNC Machining

  • CAMWorks Milling:
    This module is designed for creating CNC toolpaths for 2.5-axis and 3-axis milling operations.
    It offers a wide range of milling strategies, including high-speed machining (HSM) and feature-based machining.
    Applications: To generate roughing, finishing, and re-machining toolpaths for milling operations.

  • CAMWorks Turning:
    CAMWorks Turning focuses on creating toolpaths for turning and mill-turn operations on CNC lathes and turning centers.
    Applications: To generate variety of turning operations, including facing, roughing, grooving, threading, and more.
    This module provides automated feature recognition for turning features.

  • CAMWorks Mill-Turn:
    The CAMWorks Mill-Turn module is specifically designed for multi-tasking and mill-turn CNC machines.
    Applications: Simultaneous machining on both the main spindle and sub-spindle and can handle complex, highly synchronized operations.

  • CAMWorks Wire EDM:
    This module is tailored for electrical discharge machining (EDM) operations, such as wire EDM and sinker EDM.
    It assists in creating toolpaths for cutting intricate shapes and profiles with high precision.

  • CAMWorks 4/5 Axis Milling:
    This module extends CAMWorks' capabilities to handle 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining.
    It allows users to program complex parts with undercuts and intricate geometries, offering positional and simultaneous 4/5-axis machining strategies.

  • CAMWorks Virtual Machine:
    CAMWorks Virtual Machine is a simulation and verification module.
    Applications: To provide highly realistic 3D simulation of the machining process, enabling users to detect collisions, check toolpaths, and verify their CNC programs before they are sent to the machine.

  • CAMWorks Nesting:
    CAMWorks Nesting module is used for optimizing sheet metal and flat stock material usage.
    It assists in arranging parts on a sheet to minimize material waste, increase efficiency, and reduce production costs.

  • CAMWorks Additive Manufacturing:
    CAMWorks Additive Manufacturing module allows users to program and generate toolpaths for 3D printing and additive manufacturing processes.
    It supports a variety of 3D printing technologies and materials.

  • CAMWorks Inspection:
    CAMWorks Inspection is used for quality control and inspection processes.
    It automates the creation of inspection documentation, including ballooned drawings and inspection reports, based on CAD models.

  • CAMWorks ShopFloor:
    CAMWorks ShopFloor is a mobile application that provides access to CAM data and CNC program files for machinists on the shop floor.
    It helps reduce errors and streamline the CNC machining process by providing real-time access to the right machining data.