Work Together

3DEXCITE puts your Marketing team in touch with the rest of the organization, from Design and Development to Project Management. Cross-departmental teams can work simultaneously to launch a product while collaborating with partners and the C-Suite from a single, integrated platform.

Work Together

  • Share accurate information between Design, R&D, and Marketing departments for flawless digital continuity.
  • Streamline Project Management. Assign tasks, review progress, and check deliverables, all from one dashboard.
  • Provide simple, real-time feedback. Access the most recent files to eliminate silos and blind spots, communicate internally, and obtain approvals or feedback instantly.
  • Reduce time-to-market. All product updates are automatically reflected in the Marketing apps eliminating the need to start over in case of last-minute changes
  • Save time and money by consolidating systems around one, single 3DEXPERIENCE twin.

Engineer the Excitement

Get started early and create marketing assets before the product design is finalized. With direct access to 3D product models in a secure, realtime environment, creatives can create content for use online or in-store, at events or in a pop-up shop. Marketing experiences built directly from the CAD model are always product-correct.



  • Prepare and optimize product data. Create a simplified model and share it with internal artists or marketing agencies for next-level, 3D and 2D marketing content production.
  • Hit every device. Create layered images, videos, webGL for mobile, AR, VR and classic Marketing content to meet a consumer everywhere they browse, shop and post.
  • Your product HERE. Create libraries tailored to any campaign scenario and access them globally.
  • Tell the story. Define all aspects of the engagement, including the look & feel, interaction, touch-points and overall behaviors to create a memorable experience.
  • Marketing anytime, anywhere. With 3DEXCITE cloud solutions, CGI & CGE is made easy, Designers can now communicate and market their work or product with a single click directly from the cloud.


The 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform is a Business Platform.

Marketers live in a world of increasing complexity, shrinking budgets, expanding channels, reduced time, and pressure to deliver ROI. An investment today results in double-digit, top-line growth, and significant resource efficiencies tomorrow.

Marketing has changed

Don’t just tell the world about your product, let everyone experience it. Using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, marketers can create interactive product content that leaves a lasting impression.


Join us for a quick journey into the world of social ideation, expert collaboration, business dashboarding, content production and understand what a sustainable approach to product marketing looks like.




The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is a digital business ecosystem that is revolutionizing the way companies go-to-market, empower their customers and access results immediately.

A more intimate and personalized buyer’s journey results in higher interest, longer product interactions and higher sales conversions. This is why our clients depend on 3DEXCITE and the 3DEXPERIENCE software, services and technology as a trusted partner and ecosystem to move business forward.

  • Analyze marketing trends and competitors for better decision making.
  • Digital continuity between Design, R&D and Marketing for lossless information exchange and automatic update of marketing assets with product change.
  • Extend the marketing ecosystem by connecting agencies.
  • Full data automation for massive content creation & distribution.
  • Boost Sales with earlier communication and negotiations with retailers before the product is built.
  • Offer memorable multi-channel customer experience with emotional and interactive marketing tools.